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Connecting a permanent jewelry chain on a customer

About Get Sparked Chicago

Brand Corazon is excited to announce the addition of Get Sparked Chicago, a permanent jewelry experience. We use 14k solid gold, 14k gold filled and sterling silver chains to create a permanent bracelet, ring or necklace.


We have a variety of dainty gold chains to choose from upon your arrival. All of the permanent jewelry chains are USA made. The process is simple. We measure your wrist, finger, neck or ankle for sizing, weld a jump ring and do a test run before you leave. These chains are tarnish free and can be lived in. Low maintenance is required.

Get Sparked is perfect for any special occasion. It is a bonding experience for you and your BFF, Girl Squad, siblings and significant other. Book your Sparkle Party or Pop-Up and Get Sparked Chicago!!!

A welding technician working on jewelry


Janina from Brand Corazon speaks truth when it come to jewelry. With Texas grit and Chicago street fashion it all started with the birth of her daughter Sophia in 2012 and like all new Mamas the need to succeed for their child became a monumental goal. So she created Brand Corazon Jewelry with hand-knotted gemstone crystals and mix metals from all over the world. 


Brand Corazon Jewelry is represented internationally throughout specialty boutiques, spas and catalogs. She wants the wearer to walk into a room with confidence, knowing her statement piece of jewelry will lure positive intentions. With this strength, Janina adds amulets, protection charms and healing gemstones. 

Get Sparked Chicago was born in 2022. The newest addition to Brand Corazon Jewelry. With permanent jewelry being the hottest trend, she wants her existing clients to trust that she will always find the newest innovations when it comes to fashion accessories. She believes that permanent jewelry is more than welding chains on customers, it's a bonding experience for people who love each other.  



"your jewelry is the first thing that represents you when you walk into a room"

Get Sparked Chicago

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